Q – Why should I use Bio-Shield over my existing cleaner

A. Bio-shield 75 is not a cleaner it is a surface protectant that will create a barrier or shield against bacteria for up to 90 days. Meaning germs will not grow and fester on your surfaces. Plus Bio-shield is safe to use on most surfaces, including our menu covers, but is not a replacement to your normal cleaning regimen.

Q: Is this product CDC approved?

A. Yes, Sanitizer 440 is approved by the EPA and the CDC has approved the use of all EPA approved Disinfectants to be used in killing COVD-19 and other viruses. See linkhttps://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/reopen-guidance.html

Q: Does Bio-Shield Kill viruses

A. No Bioshield 75 does not but Sanitizer 440 will kill many Viruses, including COVID 19. Bio-shield 75 is an anti-microbial technology that creates a barrier on most surfaces and protects against odor causing bacteria. 

Q. What surfaces can I use Bio-Shield on?

A. Bio-Shield can be used on most surfaces and it is EPA approved and Food contact surface safe. Surfaces like tables, chairs, door knobs, door handles, bathrooms, menus, table stands, condiments, booths, food prep areas and more. Anywhere bacteria, mold, mildew may otherwise flourish.

Q. Why use Sanitizer 440 over my existing sanitizer?

A. We recommend Sanitizer 440 as it is safe for food contact and it is water based and will not harm the surfaces you apply it to. Other sanitizers are alcohol based and over time with repeated cleaning those surfaces will break down, causing sticky counter tops and tables, etc…

Q. I just purchased menu covers 6 months ago and do I have to throw them out and buy new ones?

A. No, you can purchase the products, and simply follow the cleaning instruction to clean, sanitize and protect your menus and other surfaces.

Q. Can Bio-shield be applied to new menu covers that I am purchasing?

A. Yes we can apply Bio-Shield 75 before it leaves our facility.

Q. Can I use Bio-shield on surfaces in the back of the house?

A. Yes the Bio-shield family of products is EPA approved and safe for food contact surfaces so it is good to use on stainless steel surfaces

Q. How often do I use the products

A. We recommend using Green Kleen daily at least, more as the need requires. The Sanitizer 440 we recommend using after every use to kill the virus and sanitize the surface, and Bio-Shield 75 we recommend applying every 90 days.


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